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The Remington is one of the best-selling shotguns in history. With sleek classical lines and boasting incredible accuracy and strength, the shotgun is a must-have.

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So why would you opt to switch out the standard factory stock that your shotgun was purchased with? Perhaps the most common reason for switching out the stock is to better handle the powerful recoil that all shotguns are capable of producing. The part of your shotgun that can absorb the most amount of the recoil 870 stocks tactical the stock. Switching out the stock of your shotgun can also help to give you increased stability when shooting. These stocks are made from a thick polymer material with rubber material. The rubber makes it incredibly durable and extremely strong. It also makes it resistant to cracking and breaking in the cold or being affected by the elements.

The Hogue stocks are some of the simplest and most durable models ever made. The Overmolded stocks are capable of withstanding both extreme heat and extreme cold.

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They do not gouge or scratch like traditional wood. The stocks are also impervious to all solvents and oils on the market. They are also quite light and an excellent compromise between wood and metal. Installation is dead nuts simple and can be done in about five minutes. The Hogue stock reduces the length of pull by roughly 1. This reduced length of pull makes the weapon more comfortable for younger, or smaller shooters. It is also better suited for for shooters who may be wearing armor since armor adds length to the shoulder or chest and can make the weapon uncomfortable to fire.

This is undoubtedly one of the best stocks for Remington shotguns. This stock offers a decidedly tactical look and feel to your Remington More than boasting a de that will enhance the overall look and feel of your shotgun, this stock offers a butt pad that drastically reduces recoil for the shooter.

After being tested on the range and in the field, many shooters find that this stock offers a vast improvement over the factory stock. Simply remove your old stock and install with the supplied bolt and an Allen wrench to tighten the stock. In just minutes you can transform your shotgun, with a wholly custom look and feel. It has 2. Now, admittedly, this stock might not be the cheapest around, but it is definitely a great value for the investment. This is one of the best tactical stocks for Remington shotguns. Mesa Tactical makes some amazing shotgun accessories and is a ificant supplier to law enforcement forces around the world.

It offers six different positions of adjustment that allows you to fit the stock to your body. It can be invaluable for wearing body armor or for shorter, smaller shooters. The recoil reducing models are ificantly more expensive, though. The 870 stocks tactical Tactical setup is a well-done kit that turns 870 stocks tactical basic into a more ergonomic platform for hunting, home defense, and sport shooting. The Mesa Tactical stock kit can be installed at home with minimal effort. The Mesa Tactical stock is robust and nearly impossible to destroy.

It will absorb thousands of rounds of full-powered 12 gauge without issue. The Mesa Tactical de is made for 12 gauge variants, so keep that in mind when purchasing. This is an excellent kit if you are looking for an adjustable stock or an AR 15 style pistol grip on your shotgun. The Urbino stock is specifically deed for the use with body armor and tactical gear. The stock has a The Urbino stock is fixed, so it is powerful and helps with reducing recoil and shotgun control. The gun itself is equipped with a polymer soft recoil reducing pad made by Limbsaver.

This also helps displace recoil over a greater portion of your shoulder. This makes handling round after round of 12 gauge comfortable and easy to do. Once you start shooting it makes 870 stocks tactical the difference in the world.

The rearward slant of the pistol grip helps with recoil too. A degree pistol grip is brutal to the wrist and quite fierce in de. The pistol grip is also equipped with shock absorbing padding on the backstrap of the gun. The Urbino stock is also equipped with a 870 stocks tactical cheek riser to accommodate both different head heights as well as to provide helmets, gas masks and more. The Urbino stock is capable for tactical applications and is one of the best Remington stocks around.

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870 stocks tactical

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